What is Punting?

In the UK we call seeing an Escort "Punting" as you are taking a Punt - i.e. chance - on that lady. Will you like her? Will it be a good service? It's a Punt!

RealPunting.com helps take the chance element out of the Punt by showing you real UK Escorts in action filmed in the places where they work - incall apartments, massage parlours, hotels, even dungeons!

After watching our videos, viewing the photos and reading outr "field reports" you too can spend time with the escort you are watching by following the link in the Members area

If you've never visited an Escort before you can find out what all the fuss is about and learn what to expect when you book your Escort. We even give you the link right here to get in touch with the girl you want to fuck.

One famous escort named Tiffany knew nothing about how to be an escort until she signed up to our site and watched the videos. Once she had learnt what to do there was no stopping her! She is still escorting to this day when  she is not holidaying for weeks on end in various exotic loactions.

Seasoned punters can see known UK Escorts in action and enjoy ridiculously hot fantasy role-play sessions. Watch Paige from Kent acting as a naughty college girl or  Franky of London being a sexy nurse or Laura in full maid's costume with fully fashioned stockings bending over as she does the cleaning.

* 100% Exclusive *
* 100% Real UK Escorts *
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* Fuck the Escort you watch *
* HD videos *
* Red Hot Pictures

We hope you enjoy!

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