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Subscribers are asked to provide personal information when they sign up for our services including name, address, billing information (including credit card number), IP address and email address. This personal information collected from subscribers during the registration process is used to manage each subscribers account for billing and subscription purposes. This information is collected by us and our credit card processors. NOTE: all credit card information is ONLY held only on the billing companies secure servers. We only use your information for subscription details and information. We need to identify you as the subscriber to assist with any problems or billing questions you may have and none of this information is ever passed on to any third party.

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If you contact us via our support system, our billing companies or via regular email then we may ask you provide certain personal information so we can locate and verify your subscription with us. This is usually simple things like the username your chose upon subscribing or an email address you used upon subscribing. Any personal information you provide to us is used only to assist you in any subscription issues or questions you may have.

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We occassionally send out marketing emails to our current or previous subscribers. You can specifically asked to be removed from our mailing lists by filling in our contact form HERE We do not give your personal information (including email address) to any other third party. Only the billing company you used upon subscribing to one of our websites will contact you (by email) and will only be in regards to your current subscription plan with us. This includes, for example, subscription confirmation emails and cancel subscription confirmation emails.

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We collect referral URLs and browser types and this information is used to track how users were referred to our websites for the purpose of compensating our affiliates and advertisers and other marketing types. This information may be disclosed to those affiliates and advertisers but shall consist only of non-specific and very limited information regarding only site traffic and statistics. None of your personal information is passed onto these advertisers or affiliates.

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Our websites have robust security measures in place to protect against misuse, alteration or loss and we make every effort to protect the integrity and security of them. However, in today's modern world, and like most companies big or small, we cannot 100% guarantee that hackers will be able to illegally obtain information from our servers. In the event of any breach, you will be notified immediately.

Your Right To Be Forgotten

We keep data of all previous subscriptions on record. This is used for fraud purposes and historical records if ever needed by us or you. While the subscription itself cannot be completely deleted, we can scrub all the personal data from the record, leaving just the transaction(s) tied to a random username

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