New updated website information 2021 new website launched Nov 2021

We have completely re-designed our website. Why?

So what has changed from my point of view?
Expiry and Payment changes

All of your existing data should be copied across and we never hold any CC details. If you have made a one-off payment (non-recurring subscription) your membership has a finite expiry date and will expire on that date. Please renew when required. If you have a recurring subscription then when your next one is due we will alas have to ask you to renew this as we are now using a better payment system. We will cancel your old one, but if there is a double-up we will refund you (of course) during this transition.

More to come...

This has been an important change for and brings our website up-to-date. We hope you enjoy the changes and the many improvements. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Finally thanking you for being a member and supporting our site.

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