New Website

Welcome to the new website.

It has been a long, hard struggle to find a new webmaster who was able to put together this site, but we feel it has been well worth it. We hope you find it much easier to navigate and find the escort you are looking for. The main searches can be made by the categories and regions button at the top. The escorts button will display all the escorts or allow you to search by name. There is also a keyword search which when you start typing displays the various options.

We have dropped the many different video styles we had in the last site design and simplified it to MP4 only - which can be streamed or downloaded. If you can view the free previews on the front of the site you will not have an issue in the Members area. You can comment on and rate the videos. We also can now see how many clicks a video gets so we can see what is liked and what is not. This will help us when filming. 

The design is of course friendly on all devices - mobile, tablet, desktop and we now have a VIP membership. This will start off being similar to the VIP Membership on our Many Vids store. It will tell you who we are filming in advance and have extra videos about the filming, Jay K and the site. In the future we are hoping to extend this area with weekly zoom style calls for VIP members to ask Jay (and any guest he has with him at the time) questions and chat to him.

We would love to hear you thoughts on the new site, so please do get in touch via the contact form or our twitter account (see link below).

Thanks for being a member of our site. Happy Punting!




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