Escorts Wanted!

Female Escorts Wanted for Filming!

You too could be a featured Escort on this site. WE PAY YOU to film!

Most of the members of this site are experienced punters (often from Punternet, Captain69, Escorting Hub, etc.), so they know the rules of escorting and they know how to treat a lady. Many escorts featured on this site have told me it does generate more business for them.

In August 2021 we filmed Housewifegonebad of Leicester. The week after her video, photos & links went live she received 6 jobs directly from - thats £1,000 of work and WE PAID HER to film.

Normally YOU have to pay to ADVERTISE. We pay you to advertise your services. It's a win/win for YOU!

After Trinity of Rochdale was featured here she was "discovered" by a punter who later posted a good Punternet report about her. He said  "2 months ago I came across Trinity on the Realpunting site." This lead to so much work she started doing tours in London and Edinburgh to cope with the demand.

This could be YOU! Use the contact form below to get in touch or Twitter!

The filming is firendly and fun and it's very easy - you just do exactly what you would with a Punter. There just happens to be a camera in the corner filming all the action.

We look forward to working with YOU!HERE

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